River Road Expo is Sunday, April 13th



The River Road Expo is Sunday, April 13th. At the Tioga Downs Casino in Nichols, NY. This Comic & Pop Culture Convention is free admission for all ages!

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This is an example of the great artwork you can pick up during the HIGH $5IVE ART BAZAAR! This piece is from Chris Bell!
HIGH $5IVE ART BAZAAR is Sunday, February 9th.



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128 West 14th st


A little over three months ago, Heroes was given a fantastic opportunity to relocate the shop. The owner of Heroes, Jared, was asked to help manage a movie theater.
In life, you can choose to play it safe, or take a leap into a major project.
Heroes moved upstairs into the theater.
It was a whirlwind of a time during the three months.

Jared has decided to step away from managing the theater, and move Heroes back to the 128 West 14th location.

There is absolutely no ill will, or negativity surrounding the decision. Jared may still work a handful of hours at the theater on weekends, after Heroes is up and running, and looking good.

This Wednesday (11/6) through Saturday (11/9) will be the final week upstairs at 210 East 14th st.
Heroes will be closed for renovations on Wed-Fri (11/13-11/15), then re open on Saturday, November 16th.
It will be a big fat party, with extended hours.

Heroes has the most supportive customers.
We thank you guys and gals for sticking with us through ten years.
Thanks a ton for the love.

River Road Expo is November 3rd!

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